Monday, April 15, 2013

Monster's Head

 Hi. Hello.
I will make this post as quick as possible.
So, I took another shoot, this time at 'Jembatan Cincin' (Ring Bridge?)
And this time I wear a cute hat like monster's head (I dunno from anime maybe?) that I borrowed from Harrots and he's the one who took all of picture in this post, and the post before this post. So thank you very much for mr. carrots.
And this is it...

Monster's Head Hat: (i dunno)
T-shirt: Belongs to Harrots from Giordano  
Sneakers: Converse
Bracelet and Ring: bought it from a friend

 And well, that's that! Thank you! CIAO!
~Restya Mahara ^^

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scottish Fever

 So I just found out that the latest trend (maybe still until now) is the kilt (scotlandia’s male pattern skirt). Surprisingly I found one of my mom’s coat that have that pattern! Woah this is my most favorite coat until now. 
Well, now this is it...

Red Bowler Hat: bought at Cihampelas Bandung for a cheap prize
Scottish Coat: my mom's
Red Sneakers: Converse (buy it here)
Rings and Bracelet: bought it from a friend (buy it here)
 Brown Vintage Bag: my mom's
T-shirt: also my mom's

Well, I'm still 'stealing' so many things from my mom's closet, am I? :p
I think that's all for today, have a nice day! 
~Restya Mahara ^^

Friday, April 5, 2013

Stripes & (almost) Dots

Hi folks!
So today I'm wearing skirt again to campus and I don't know why I love to wear it. Again and again.
Today the theme of my outfit was Black & White + Stripes & (almost) dots. I'm wearing stripes skirt and dots blazers.
So let us take a look then...

Black Dress & Skirt: My mom's
Vintage Bags: also my mom's
(Almost) dots blazers: I don't know the brand but I got it from Gedebage Flea Market for very very cheap price!
Bracelet and Ring: bought it from a friend (buy it here)
Earrings: From my dad and I bought the red one in Ciwalk
White shoes: Forgot

Well. That's it. What do you think?
See you again in the next post. Ciao!
~Restya Mahara ^^

Boyish Grey

Well hello! This is my second post. still newbie about this fashion blogger stuff or whatever you wanna call it. I'm still trying to give the best of me, and I know I'm not good enough already.

In this post I put an outfit that make me looks kind of boyish. tomboy girl. I mixed short choco pants that I found inside my mom's closet (yes, this is her pants). and wear a tribal brown t-shirt, use a cap and grey coat which is my mom's too. (I 'steal' so many things from her :p)

and here we go.


By the way the feather shape ring I wear above is my favorite ring this lately.
And I love the yellow studd bracelet watch too! <3
AH! But forget about the bag (sugar sling) that I bought when I went to ARTE last week.
From the first moment I saw it, I know I'm already falling in love with it.

Tribal T-shirt: VRS
Grey Coat: Delicated
Hat and shoes: I forgot
Choco Pants: Popfruits
 Bag (candy sling): Koola Stuffa (buy it here)
 feather ring and yellow bracelet watch: bought it from a friend (buy it here)

 Well that's it for this short post and see you in the next post! 
Have a nice day folks! ^^
~Restya Mahara

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ARTE 2013

So a couple days ago (31 march 2012) me and my lovely "bucu" friend, Harits went to ARTE Indonesia. It's an art exhibition. I've never gone to such event so I feel really excited. I decided to pick an 'artist' outfit (in my opinion) for that precious art moment. And tadaaaaa this is what I wear at that time! :D

welcome to ARTE !

 from top to bottom: all of them (except hat and pin was found in my mom's closet) :p

I've just got a new haircut. Pixie.

this is also my mom's

me, looking at art?

not a really nice facial expression, yes?

I got this when Harits bought T-shirt. The keeper gave us two pins, so I also got one.
What a nice guy.

by the way, this is my first post on this blog. hope I can post a lot of more later! :D