Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ARTE 2013

So a couple days ago (31 march 2012) me and my lovely "bucu" friend, Harits went to ARTE Indonesia. It's an art exhibition. I've never gone to such event so I feel really excited. I decided to pick an 'artist' outfit (in my opinion) for that precious art moment. And tadaaaaa this is what I wear at that time! :D

welcome to ARTE !

 from top to bottom: all of them (except hat and pin was found in my mom's closet) :p

I've just got a new haircut. Pixie.

this is also my mom's

me, looking at art?

not a really nice facial expression, yes?

I got this when Harits bought T-shirt. The keeper gave us two pins, so I also got one.
What a nice guy.

by the way, this is my first post on this blog. hope I can post a lot of more later! :D

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