Friday, April 5, 2013

Stripes & (almost) Dots

Hi folks!
So today I'm wearing skirt again to campus and I don't know why I love to wear it. Again and again.
Today the theme of my outfit was Black & White + Stripes & (almost) dots. I'm wearing stripes skirt and dots blazers.
So let us take a look then...

Black Dress & Skirt: My mom's
Vintage Bags: also my mom's
(Almost) dots blazers: I don't know the brand but I got it from Gedebage Flea Market for very very cheap price!
Bracelet and Ring: bought it from a friend (buy it here)
Earrings: From my dad and I bought the red one in Ciwalk
White shoes: Forgot

Well. That's it. What do you think?
See you again in the next post. Ciao!
~Restya Mahara ^^

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