Monday, October 21, 2013

Shopping Sunday

So... today was a greaaat day!
I went to Istana Plaza (IP) with bucu Harits and we bought things that we really really love! >.<
First we went to The Little Things She Needs and found out that they're on sale! You can buy two shoes only for 99.000! So I bought it. (of course~)

After that I accompanied Harits to Multitoys, where he spent almost everything includes his soul.

We eat at the foodcourt. Wait, and wait and wait. Then we went to the hospital to do assigments. After that we went back to IP, I bought another shoe at Matahari, Harits bought one more toy at multitoys. After that, we went home very happily~

 Cat Ear Bowler Hat: N.y.L.a
Mew T-shirt: Strgz
Skirt: Pix & Stacy
Shoes: Wondershoe
Outer: bought at thrift shop

my new babies! <3
(from left to right) from TLTSN, Cardinal, and TLTSN :3

Well, that's all for today! Hope you all have a nice and kind holiday!
~ Restya Mahara ^^

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quick Look About (almost) Everything

How are you guys doing? Feeling good, yes? Sunday night, yeah right this is the night.
But, well I can't go to the cinema and watch the movie that I want to watch because THAT MOVIE WAS ALREADY GONEEEEE. Yes, I missed it. I didn't watch prisoners. :'\
Well, since I saw the trailer back then at the cinema, I already decided to watch it... Yea... But... Haaaa. Maybe next time.

Soooo. I will post a bunch of photos that I can't (or too lazy to post it) yesterday, or last week, or last month......

Yeah, so here it is

I look fat! WAAAAAAAA :"

 all of the things except glasses, socks, and hats (LMforHARDWARE) are my mom's. ('', )

shiny, shiny boots.
 Outer: My dad's
Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE
Navy Boots: Khakikakiku

 Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE
Colourful pig tie: Daiso
Cardigan: thrift shop (I only pay $2!)
Pants, shoes, shirt: mom's 


 Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE
T-shirt: strgz
Bags: Tusk Bag 
Doll: Cyan 
Shoes: Converse

Top: Tenun Ikat (mom's)
Skirt: unbranded
bag: mom's
 Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE

Well! I think I use my bowler hat almost in every photo. It is because my new favourite hat, and the quallities of this hat was also very, very good!
Aaaand, I think that's it for today, thank you very much!
See you soon!
~ Restya Mahara ^^

Monday, October 14, 2013

Warning! Callback Alarm!

I'm really, really, really sorry for the long absent. But here I am!
I promise from now on I'll post things even more often.
So... about my life...
I've been busy this lately. Because of this thing, and that thing, well let's just not talking about it. Kay?
Yes, I got a new haircut (again) still pixie though. I don't know, it's like I can't move on from this hair style. X0

Tomorrow 'Idul Adha' day. Yes, the time when all those cute goats' and cows' heads got cut off. :'(

AAAaaaaand I think that's all for now.
And time for the outfit post!

this is take by Fildzah (thank you dear!)

Navy Boots: Khakikakiku
Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE 
Top and Skirt: thrift shop
Bag: mom's

See you guys in a short time! ^^
~ Restya Mahara