Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quick Look About (almost) Everything

How are you guys doing? Feeling good, yes? Sunday night, yeah right this is the night.
But, well I can't go to the cinema and watch the movie that I want to watch because THAT MOVIE WAS ALREADY GONEEEEE. Yes, I missed it. I didn't watch prisoners. :'\
Well, since I saw the trailer back then at the cinema, I already decided to watch it... Yea... But... Haaaa. Maybe next time.

Soooo. I will post a bunch of photos that I can't (or too lazy to post it) yesterday, or last week, or last month......

Yeah, so here it is

I look fat! WAAAAAAAA :"

 all of the things except glasses, socks, and hats (LMforHARDWARE) are my mom's. ('', )

shiny, shiny boots.
 Outer: My dad's
Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE
Navy Boots: Khakikakiku

 Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE
Colourful pig tie: Daiso
Cardigan: thrift shop (I only pay $2!)
Pants, shoes, shirt: mom's 


 Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE
T-shirt: strgz
Bags: Tusk Bag 
Doll: Cyan 
Shoes: Converse

Top: Tenun Ikat (mom's)
Skirt: unbranded
bag: mom's
 Bowler Hat: LMforHARDWARE

Well! I think I use my bowler hat almost in every photo. It is because my new favourite hat, and the quallities of this hat was also very, very good!
Aaaand, I think that's it for today, thank you very much!
See you soon!
~ Restya Mahara ^^

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