Friday, November 29, 2013

Fashionably Hungry

Sooo... Yesterday I went to Bandung again. It's holiday btw, I'm not skipping any class. There, I just wandering around, eating pizza and bought christmas lamp for my room! >.<
Doing this, and doing that, I had fun back then.
Oh, and I love my new Red Bow Hat from N.y.L.a! It's so cute isn't?
And I'm wearing Rachel Pearl too from UP shoes. I got Rachel Pearl as my (late) birthday gift from H. <3

T-shirt: Ninotchka
i love this T-shirt so much! <3
Long Skirt: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: UP shoes
Hat: N.y.L.a

I'm whop-ing around again ~

~ Restya Mahara ^^

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Latest Eargasm

This is the latest music that I like. It's Little Things from Lotte Kestner. Here, here, listen for it and you will know it for yourself how good it is...

Last night in your sleep
Did you dream you were trapped in a room
'Cause I confess in all of mine
That I draw walls around you

Your arms are a circle I step in
When I'm allowed to
And fight just to slow down the heart
That is all about you

But what do intentions amount to
Subtlety escapes me around you
I'm not about to hold in anything
I'm gonna give myself away in little things

You know how staring will make somebody turn
Does that mean my thinking of you's
Gonna make your skin burn
I'm always on the run and I hate copy past for God's sake
'Cause I don't want to hurt you
It's the last thing that I would do

But what do intentions amount to
Subtlety escapes me around you
I'm gonna give myself away in little things
I'm not about to hold in anything

So what do intentions amount to
What's the last thing that I would do
I'm gonna give myself away in little things
I'm not about to hold it in


Do you have anything precious?
That little things that you will never let go?
I know, me too...

~ Resty Mahara

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blue Train

Hi! Nice to see you again!
Do you like travel?
Have you been on a train?
I do love to take a train to go somewhere place. Because with a train you'll get to the place that you want faster, and much easier. You don't have to trap in a traffic jam. You WILL NOT yelling at other people's face because of the traffic.
All you have to do is sitting down, and enjoy the view.
It takes a cheaper money, too! It's important to keep your money steady and "healthy" if you live far, far away from your parents. (or that's just me...)

By the way, I find this week feels so comfortable and... I don't know. There's nothing that should be worrying for the next couple of days.
Oh, and it's almost the time for Azrax DVD to release! I cannot wait! >.<
If you don't know what Azrax is, you must google it. YOU MUST DO THAT! NOW!

blue top: from thrift shop
Skirt: also from thrift shop
Bags: mom's
Navy boots: khakikakiku


Oh, by the way, I want you all to look at my assignments. I made a sample magazine. It's hard, sort of... 
And I think that's just a so-so magazine...
btw, I made Diana Rikasari as my cover! <3
Well, let's take a look...


Well, that's all.
So, see you araound next time! Bye!
~ Restya Mahara ^^

Friday, November 22, 2013

Getaway not Holiday

I feel so busy this lately. Working on this assignment, working on that, must do an interview, must do this, must do that. Too many things to do. Too little time to rest. I usually slept at midnight now. Because I can't sleep, or it's just because I'm still doing some assignment. I skip some of my class (it's because I can. My campus allow us to skip class for three time.)

So this is what I do. I skip some class, or find a little free time to getaway from my routine. I take a trip to Bandung. Just go to some mall and have fun for a moment. Bought a book at bookstore to read at my room later, eat cheese puff and drink tea. Taking photo, laugh, accompany H bought some toys, and things like that. I need to refresh myself. If I don't...

I don't know what will happen.
Maybe I will going mad.

whatca lookin at?

going up, and down. up, and down.

found this gorgeous mural at Bandung. it's from WHOP. guys!

T-shirt: borrow it from H
Long skirt: Marks and Spencer
Bag: My mom's

Monday, November 18, 2013



It's me again! Yay! 
Hope that you all miss me already because I'v been absent for about... a month, I guess.
So, long story short, I've already pass my midterm test, and that's a good thing. But the bad news is... there's no holiday or a day-free of task. I still have a lot of, like a really, really lot of task to do.
I must do an interview with an expert(s), I must photographed someone that famous, and... I already forgot about other tasks. (-_- )

Being a journalist is not my top dream. I'm still believe that I will be a veterinarian. But... now I study journalism, so that's not make sense at all.
Now I'm learning to be a fashion journalist. Why? Because I love dressing up, I can do it for hours and make my room like hell at a time. I love shoes, I never say shoo to them. I love hats, I love anything that quirky or weird on the top of my head. I love sweater, I love socks, I love jackets, I love dying my hair (now I have it orange and it looked like Hayley Williams from Paramore), I like all about fashion!

Yesterday, when I watched television with Mr. Humble, I said to him "Someday it will be me that pop-up in the show. There will be my name in there." when I saw a fashion TV program. Then, I laughed after I realized foolishness in my sentence. He laughed too, but then said, "That's fine." Not 'that's fine' like 'I don't care, so shut up.' but 'that's fine' like he really mean it and it gave me courage. :')

I will be in a spotlight.  

I did this photoshoot for my magazine task. 
But unfortunately it never used for the magazine. 
But I'd have a good time though. :D

meditation for fashion

So, that's all! See you next time! Buh-bye!
~ Restya Mahara ^^