Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blue Train

Hi! Nice to see you again!
Do you like travel?
Have you been on a train?
I do love to take a train to go somewhere place. Because with a train you'll get to the place that you want faster, and much easier. You don't have to trap in a traffic jam. You WILL NOT yelling at other people's face because of the traffic.
All you have to do is sitting down, and enjoy the view.
It takes a cheaper money, too! It's important to keep your money steady and "healthy" if you live far, far away from your parents. (or that's just me...)

By the way, I find this week feels so comfortable and... I don't know. There's nothing that should be worrying for the next couple of days.
Oh, and it's almost the time for Azrax DVD to release! I cannot wait! >.<
If you don't know what Azrax is, you must google it. YOU MUST DO THAT! NOW!

blue top: from thrift shop
Skirt: also from thrift shop
Bags: mom's
Navy boots: khakikakiku


Oh, by the way, I want you all to look at my assignments. I made a sample magazine. It's hard, sort of... 
And I think that's just a so-so magazine...
btw, I made Diana Rikasari as my cover! <3
Well, let's take a look...


Well, that's all.
So, see you araound next time! Bye!
~ Restya Mahara ^^

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