Monday, November 18, 2013



It's me again! Yay! 
Hope that you all miss me already because I'v been absent for about... a month, I guess.
So, long story short, I've already pass my midterm test, and that's a good thing. But the bad news is... there's no holiday or a day-free of task. I still have a lot of, like a really, really lot of task to do.
I must do an interview with an expert(s), I must photographed someone that famous, and... I already forgot about other tasks. (-_- )

Being a journalist is not my top dream. I'm still believe that I will be a veterinarian. But... now I study journalism, so that's not make sense at all.
Now I'm learning to be a fashion journalist. Why? Because I love dressing up, I can do it for hours and make my room like hell at a time. I love shoes, I never say shoo to them. I love hats, I love anything that quirky or weird on the top of my head. I love sweater, I love socks, I love jackets, I love dying my hair (now I have it orange and it looked like Hayley Williams from Paramore), I like all about fashion!

Yesterday, when I watched television with Mr. Humble, I said to him "Someday it will be me that pop-up in the show. There will be my name in there." when I saw a fashion TV program. Then, I laughed after I realized foolishness in my sentence. He laughed too, but then said, "That's fine." Not 'that's fine' like 'I don't care, so shut up.' but 'that's fine' like he really mean it and it gave me courage. :')

I will be in a spotlight.  

I did this photoshoot for my magazine task. 
But unfortunately it never used for the magazine. 
But I'd have a good time though. :D

meditation for fashion

So, that's all! See you next time! Buh-bye!
~ Restya Mahara ^^