Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Go With It

So, today I went to Bandung using train with H. We went to 'Pasar baru' to search fabric for our "things". Yeah, it's still secret for now, so shhhh... be patient. :p

We wandering around at Pasar Baru and found nothing. We didn't find what we're looking for, until someone finally can told us where we can get things that we want. So we went there, going on a survey for the fabric's price and then, suddenly it's raining. So, we must stop searching until the rain stops. Well, just wish us luck for the upcoming project that me and H working on! Yeay!

For today's outfit I'm like... "I have no clothes! I don't know what to wear!" when I opened up my closet. (-_- ) Well, actually I have so sooo many clothes inside it. I just don't know how to mix & match it.

Then... it turns out that I took my old kind-of sweater, put black cardigan as outwear, use blue pants, then a beanie, shoes, brown socks, and wear glasses. Tadaaaaa this is my today's outfit!
What do you think? 

~ Restya Mahara ^^


  1. wow !!!
    that is beautiful !! amazing colors..
    the combo is just looking stunning !~!~
    I really loved it~!~

    similar stuffs!~!~!~@