Friday, January 31, 2014

My First Ever Fashion Show

It's just a random afternoon. I just sat on the bench at Mall when I decided to check my twitter. And voila! Something surprise me! I won two ticket for watching the LPM (Lomba Perancang Mode) 2013/2014!
I just can't believe it. It's just a quiz from twitter. I just tweeted, and I won! I'm sooooo happy that time that I can't stop laughing even there's a lot of people around me.

For some people, it is JUST a fashion show, I know. But for me, this is my first ever fashion show. I wanted to go to the event like this. Last year, I want to go to JFW (Jakarta Fashion Week) but I can't because Osjur things...

So, when I got the free pass to join this event, why not?

Oh, LPM was held by Femina since 1979 and for this year, the theme is 24 hour style.

design from the finalists

I ask Harits to accompany me because I got two free pass. Then off we go.

And here are the photos!
 (btw I only got a few good photos because the not-so-good-seat-to-take-a-photo and Harits' camera still broken so I just brought not-so-good digicam)

Disappear Twin from Yelly Lumentu

The Peony from Diana Nathania

Twiganometric from Carla Handayani

one of my favorite, Urban Complex from Christian Wohangara

Yelly Lumentu (again)  Disappear Twin

Adorn from Naomi Annastasia
Chromatic Contoured from Theresia Debby         

And the Winner goes to...
Yelly Lumentu, Dissapear Twin! Congrats!

Ah, btw I want the spotlight too, so here it is...

Well, I think that's all, and see you in the next post!
~ Restya Mahara

aing gak ngerti sama rambut sendiri

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vintage and Blue

Well, hi.
Long time no see.
This is a vintage theme outfit.
(I'm sorry for the bad resolution)
I didn't do much though. 
I just mixed my brown dress with outer and complete it with cute Rachel Pearl from UPshoes. Oh, don't forget the red sock too!
I also wear my red big bow hat to make this look got a cute girly thing.
So, what do you think?

Oh, by the way, I colored my hair into blue!
Cool right?

Well, that's all, folks!

~ Restya Mahara ^^