Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebration, Welcome to the Family!


Well it's only a week after I started to go to the campus again, and there's already a lot of tasks waiting for me to do. I moved to a new class now, so it's different people whom I work with in the class, but it doesn't matter though. I know all of them because we kinda like a family. We're student at journalism departement, so yeah, we're family.

On monday, there's little celebration that held for us, the newcomer in journalism departement and it was fun! We taking photos together and even playing with water? Yeah, describe it for yourself, I guess.

But it contains soooo much fun! I'm glad that I joined journalism departement because I felt that this is exactly where I belong. A place when you can be whatever you wanted to be--or to look like.

me and harits

(left to right) Andi - Azka - Moi

well, there's too much people in this picture

we got the culprit who throw the water!

a nice sort of lunch together

It looks fun, right? Hehe...
Ah, btw, enough with the celebration thing. Shall we move to the outfit post? :D


I lost one of the bow so I'm just being creative, I think.

Shirt: mom's
Sweater: Gogilrl Merchandise
Skirt: mom's
well, also the bag
hat: LM for HM
shoes: Wondershoe
ring: greedysassy

Ah, all the credits of the photos in here goes to Harits. Thank you! (btw you may see him on the first photo above)

Well, I think that's all!
Much love from me,
~ Restya Mahara ^^

Friday, February 14, 2014

Polka et Stripes

Bonjur! Comment ca va?
Hehe... So life is still good, eh?
Btw, happy valentine for all of you! Spread the love! Oh, and don't forget to also send our prayers for our brothers and sisters that felt the effect of mount Sinabung and mount Kelud eruption. Hope they're okay! :)
Sooooo in this post I want to share a very good experience of mine in the early months of 2014! Until now, I've already won four quizzes! How good is that, eh? 
First, I won a voucher worth 500K from minimal when I join giveaway that Fimela held to celebrate their birthday at 2013. The announcement was in January, btw. I was super shock, of course. First I think I will spend the voucher for myself, but then I remember that my mom's birthday was on January, and I didn't prepare anything so I gave her the voucher. She's felt really happy though. Then I make her choose what product that she want to buy with the voucher. Then she easily choose a bag. Well that's fine with me cause the important thing that she's happy.
I won my second quiz when I join the quiz that Femina held. Yes! That ticket to watch LPM was from quiz! I just write a simple answer that asked me "What will I wear for 24 hour style?" I answered it with this. Btw I also write a report about the event at this one. It was my first ever fashion show though. :">
The third quiz was from @FILM_Indonesia. 
I got two free ticket to watch early screening Killers and I felt so happy about it! Btw that was the first time I fell in love with Kazuki-sama. <3
And the last quiz was from @MovieXplorers where I also got two free ticket, two posters, and two T-shirt from Killers! Yeah, I watched it two times! 
Oh btw, these photo below was take before I went to see the movie with my mom!


pst, btw, Oka Antara, one of the main cast of the film told me that I wore a good dress. <3

everything was from my mom except:
Hats: N.y.L.a
Shoes: Up Shoes
Wolf Ring: Greedysassy
Socks: Topshop

and thank you for the photographer, my lil brother! <3

Well, that's all from me!
Thank you!
 See you later!

~ Restya Mahara ^^

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Nice Having a Birthday and Back to Routine

So what's up guys?
How's life treating you? Is it nice? Or end up bad?
Well I'm just getting back home from my boarding house. So it's my room was pretty fucked up. Because there's oil in the floor (my boarding house owner pour it ON my floor to kill all of the insect). So yeah, it pissed me off, of course, cause it makes my room's floor slippery and smells weird. eugh.
Oh and another thing, she do that thing based on the internet. Yeah, like Harits said, Old people and internet was not so good combination so yeah. Whatevs.

Oh it's almost time for the new semester! That means a whole studying and facing the deadline will come back again. I think it'll be months full of crying and desperate things, and crying, and tasks, and crying. Haha just kidding. (or not? :">)

By the way, a weeks ago, I order a special birthday edition of Gogirlmagz that have sweater as a bonus! How cool is that? I've just spent Rp 89.900 and voila! The gorgeous sweater is mine now!
Well, there's a lot of designs of the sweater, but I only interested in one design which have the "Intern" print on it. Well below I will post a picture of me wearing it.

This is the 9th birthday of Gogirl! and they change the layout of the magazine into something cute. The Roar edition also includes another bonuses such as compact powder, body lotion, and some coupons?

So yeah, Happy birthday from me Gogirl! Keep cool and spread news with style and fashion! hehe much much love from me! <3

Hat: LM for Hardware
Shirt: my mom's
Skirt: also my mom's
Intern Sweater: Gogirl Magz
Flats: The Little Things She Needs
Socks: Topshop
Wolf Ring: Greedysassy
Flower Headband on the hat: ...I forgot. :|

Well, that's all for today post!
See you later!
~ Restya Mahara ^^