Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Garden

Well, Hi! It's nice being here again.
I'm sorry if I broke my promise about the next posting, but this laziness has taken me to a whole new level. Oh and also a lot of tasks waiting for me...... huhuhu.
Okay, for this week and last week review...
I already watching The Raid 2: Berandal and all I can say is HOLY MOTHAFUCKA! The film was super awesome! Make me squealing all the time! If you curious about it, please just shut up and watch it at 28 March. (it's like 9 days to go!)

Ah, btw do you guys remember the thing that I joined before? Yes! The one about Marina!
Well, I didn't reach the first place but I won the weekly prize! It's better than nothing, right? I got 500K gift voucher and a beauty package. It is really a good thing! <3

Well, now, let's move to the outfit post, yiss?

this is a candid photo, thank you.

sorry for the dirt on the shoes. ((sigh))

Fashionably Hungry Top: Ninotchka
Skirt: Thrift shop
Flower Outer: Thrift shop
Shoes: Adidas
Eye Ring: Numo Art
Photos by: +Muhammad Harits 
 ((Thank you!))

Well that's all!
merci beaucoup!
~ Restya Mahara ^^


  1. You look great dear! I like your jacket! Plus I like how you complete the look with NB...


  2. Wow, I really like the way the jacket and sneakers look together. You have the most unconventional style and I love it. :)

  3. u look pretty<3

    pls check mine;)
    new post is up!

  4. That blazer is so bright and colourful ! I love it !

  5. Wow! Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
    I follow you (bloglovin + GFC) and welcome to visit my blog about fashion. If you like it please follow me back :-*

    Katherine Unique

  6. Your outteeeerrrr <3333 I am loving anything floral at the moment ><


  7. Love your outer flower jacket. It's amazing and soooo funky fresh!

    The Style Boro

  8. Love your trainers! :) Beautiful blog..

    Here is my blog: