Thursday, October 30, 2014

Craving for...

Yes, I'm craving for more and more rings!
I'm the person who adore rings more than anyone.
Actually, it's not just about ring, tho.
I love all accessories from ring to necklace, from earrings to headpiece, but I like ring the best!
I have some necklace but I rarely wear it because I'm allergic to it, especially the one that made with iron. 
It makes my neck itchy and leaves reddish scars.
I do love earrings too but I already got one (two actually) from my father and it will leaves reddish scars and make my ears itchy if I'm wearing the replica or another accessories that made from iron.
Gladly those earrings from my dad was made from actual gold so it doesn't make me allergic to it.
And then, I got no other choice than rings!
When I realize, I already collect some of rings from various shop. From online to the physical shop that I found at fashion bazaar.
Then I found couple of cute little things when I scrolled myself at Zalora's website!
Yes, the most coolest place to find yourself a perfect fashion items!
Zalora indeed sell many fashion items, various from tops to dress, from pants to shoes, even accessories especially rings!
Find all of the cutest accessories ever at Zalora.
If you're not into rings like me, you can always find another cute thing such as watch, bracelets, earrings, necklace,belt, scarf & shawl and even hats!
Click Zalora now and happy shopping!

P.S. Let me know what are you 'craving now' at the comment section below!
Have a nice day, folks!

~ Restya Mahara

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