Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ethnical Harmony

Lately, I've been the laziest person on earth even Patrick the Star can't beat me.
I've skipping classes for couple of days, not working my tasks, and not attend my German class.
I sucks at doing some routine.
I feel like I need to escape this routine for a moment and just have fun a little while.
It's not so good if we forced something that we don't like, and I think I don't really like my routine. 
*I hope just for a moment*
Anyway, I went to Bandung this afternoon and suddenly it rains.
Yeah, sucks.
But luckily the rain stops when we (me and haritsroxas) arrived at Bandung.
Aaaaand I decided to take a bunch of photos there!
He bought me Pretzel and I've never eat any pretzel before and it turned out really great that I'm really craving for pretzel this moment. Yes.
*I almost bought treats for dogs tho because I didn't read the sign correctly* 
Well then we're just spending our time there and got home at 10pm.
It's indeed a good day for me.

Tanktop: H&M
Tenun ikat Outer: mom's
Short: unbranded
Socks: Daiso
Shoes: wondershoe
Hat: N.y.L.a
Bag: unbranded

Well then, 
Have a good day too!

~ Restya Mahara